Why Artificial Grass is Good For Hay Fever Sufferers

Every year, and especially in the summer time and late spring, just the very thought of going out becomes an absolute dread for those who suffer from hay fever. It brings a host of health concerns that can be a major downer and joy stealer.

Hay Fever And Your Skin

In addition to the itchy eyes and the runny nose, hay fever can be particularly harsh on the skin.  You may find yourself dealing with itchy and irritable skin that will result in a rash.

When your skin comes into direct contact with the grass and/or the pollen it produces, an itchy rash may develop as a result of this contact. Apart from the rash, some individuals who are allergic to the pollen may develop other conditions such as eczema.

How To Deal With It

You may need to seek professional medical attention to help you during times of the year when the pollen count is high and you are most susceptible to hay fever. Your doctor may recommend a course of antihistamines and other medications to prevent the allergic reaction and/or deal with or alleviate the symptoms. Additionally, having a healthy skin care regimen or routine can help to reduce the effects that hay fever may have on your skin, especially if yours is the sensitive type.  

Both these options would work for persons who experience mild hay fever, but if you experience severe hay fever, or simply have no wish to deal with the symptoms after the fact, you can stay ahead of your hay fever by avoiding contact with the allergen itself.  But how do you avoid contact with grass, but still have a great looking and lush lawn? The answer lies in installing a synthetic lawn.

Fake Grass, Real Solution

Artificial grass does not grow, and does not produce any pollen. All year long, the turf stay exactly as is when it is first laid down. With an artificial grass installation, you can therefore confidently say goodbye to any hay fever attacks and the symptoms associated with grass pollen.

Additionally, the very material from which artificial grass is made is completely allergen-free and nontoxic. It is safe, quieting and calming any concerns that you may have about developing any kind of allergic reaction when you come into contact with the turf.

Get Started

Whether yours is the oily type, or naturally dry type, hay fever can be very harsh on all skin types. It may also take you several weeks to get back to your normal skin health following a hay fever attack.

The good news is that you can start preparing early and look forward to flawless skin all summer and spring by having an artificial grass lawn installed. Your natural turf lawn is hurting you and your skin, and the best way is to get rid of it and replace it with its synthetic counterpart, which, apart from helping with protecting your skin, also has many other benefits including saving money and water.


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